Entry for Metafest VR Game Jam

Goal of the game

Run around the planet grabbing as many white orbs as possible. But beware! Every time you loop around the planet you have less time to do it again, and the levels become more complex every time.


Run by swinging your hands like you are running. Jump by throwing your hands into the air. Step left and right or duck to avoid running into obstacles.

The game is build to run on VR device like the Oculus Quest and doesn't run on mobile or desktop.


Big thanks to all my Twitch supporters. Especially my subscribers:

  • thetnerdyhamster
  • thetnerdyhamster's gift to azdalen
  • wbw72
  • davidwesst

The music used in the game is by DARK FANTASY STUDIO and Nicolas Jeudy.

Graphics and programming by Sorskoot

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